At Garderie Mélodie, our priorities are similar to yours. We want what is best for your little angels and we make sure to meet, and exceed, your expectations. Established in Fall 2016 and located in downtown Montreal, this kindergarten has a lot to offer!

We ensure the development of our little angels' social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. This is why we consider ourselves to be a learning center more than just an ordinary childcare facility.


Our preschool program is designed in a way that keeps the little angels from getting bored while respecting a certain routine. In the course of a week, the children go from one room to another and experience different environments that stimulate different aspects of their self-development.



This incredible woman has changed the way we do things at Garderie Melodie for the better so many times. She takes initiative when necessary and she is not afraid to make suggestions that have always proven to improve our program. She is a qualified educator based on the Quebec Government Requirements and she is able to deal with children of all ages. She is kind, patient, approachable and caring. She takes care of our group of 3 year olds, currently.



This fun, cheerful, and patient educator will teach your little angels all the things they need to know while keeping them attentive and interested. She has considerable experience with the Montessori teaching approach and applies it efficiently at Garderie Melodie. She takes care of our older group of children (4-5 year olds).



If you're looking for energy and positivity, look no further. This amazing educator will turn every frown upside down. She's dynamic, fun, warm and caring. She will take care of your little angels and make sure they are all having a great time and getting the attention they need! She is the perfect candidate for our little ones. She takes care of our youngest group from 18 months to 24 months old.


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